Elite Nationwide Services provides a safe and healthy work environment, continuous training promoting a culture of safety setting the Elite standard for employees, drivers, customers, and the general public sharing the roads.

  • We conduct routine safety and health inspections to identify and eliminate unsafe working conditions or practices and control health hazards
  • Safety and health training for all new and existing personnel
  • Provisions for a thorough and prompt investigation of every incident to determine its cause, correct the problem, and reduce the possibility of it happening again
  • All drivers are required to wear safety gear on all locations: hard hats, steel toed boots, flame retardant clothing, safety glasses, vests and ear plugs
  • All Elite trucks are equipped with DOT load securement and safety equipment..
  • All drivers are trained to suspend use of all communication devices (cell phones, CB radios, etc.) while driving and to observe the safety requirements on every location








Elite Nationwide Services, LLC

6009 FM 920  |  Weatherford, Texas 76088  |  817-594-7178

USDOT Number: 2357321

Motor Carrier Number: 807552